3 Best Lip Products for Fire Eaters

Professional Atlanta belly dancer and fire eater, Karmelita, shares her three favorite products for fire-eating that reduce the amount of chapped and dry lips after a show, while having great pigment and coverage!  Continue reading for a bonus tip at the bottom ;)

I already have pretty dry and chapped lips, but fire eating always makes it worse.  Particularly when doing advanced stunts like dragon's breath, volcanoes, or human candles (oh these are the worst!), my lips will look like a desert!  In the past, when I wore regular lipsticks, it would be even worse, and said advanced stunts would even leave some burns!  Yuck!

When doing stunts like the volcano, the open flame is burning on your lips and sucking the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dry and cracked.  Oily lipsticks can add to this by increasing the heat that your lips come into contact with.  One of the first steps to minimizing the dehydration is to well....stay hydrated!  Before, in between, and after, drink plenty of water!  You should be doing that anyway, but especially when eating fire to help reduce the amount of chapping and dryness.

Below are the three brands that I use to minimize the dryness that fire-eating leaves behind.  These are stains and don't leave an oily surface on the lips.  But they certainly don't skimp out on the color!

1.  NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $25 

This has great coverage and a rich, matte color.  Since my lips are often dry they are kind of flaky, and this product does a great job at creating a nice, smooth surface!  I especially love topping this off with a dab of white eyeshadow in the middle to establish a glossy effect without the gloss!  This can be found in makeup stores like Ulta and Sephora.





2.  Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge, $24  

Aqua Rouge is a very strong pigment that feels like paint when you put it on and is water proof.  It's very hardy, won't run if you sweat, but WOW the color is strong!  I have it in hot pink and let me tell you it is very good.  It also has a gloss side for when you are not eating fire but still want to wear it and want to shine!  Be sure to have really good makeup remover, because this stuff doesn't budge easily.  This can be found in makeup stores like Ulta and Sephora as well.





3.  Revlon:  Just Bitten, $9 

In case you don't want to spend a lot of money, this stuff is actually pretty good.  It goes on kind of like a marker and resembles one as well!  It is not as durable as the other brands and the colors don't always match exactly what the advertisement says (I think most are a few shades darker so be prepared for that), but they go on smooth and don't run!  This can be found at drug stores, Walmart, and makeup stores!




**Bonus Tip:  

When applying your lip product, be less generous with the very bottom part of your lip, or if you can try to spritz it with a makeup setting spray.  Otherwise, at the end of your fire eating set, you will have a stripe of lip product on your chin AND NO ONE will bother to tell you.  You will find out for yourself at the end of the night when you see pictures of yourself.  It is quite embarassing!