Karma Karmelita

Professional Belly Dancer, Fire Eater, Mermaid

Kids Party Ideas in Atlanta

Welcome to the Kids Corner!  Here you will find multiple kids party ideas in Atlanta, for birthdays, get-togethers, and education opportunities!  Karma worked as a full time mermaid for several years--swimming with children 6 days a week, so naturally, she has a lot of experience in entertaining and interacting with children.  Her children's shows are the best in the area.

Arabian Princess Party, $250

Imagine the look of delight on your little Princess's face when she and her friends are sitting down and in comes a beautiful belly dancer, spinning and swirling with veils and wings!  This package includes a 10-15 minute performance, quickly followed by a belly dance lesson, open dance time to some fun Arabic music, then kids and parents are taught a fun Turkish, Greek, or Arabic line dance, and finally it all ends with time for pictures.  The full package lasts for around 45 minutes, and includes a little gift for the Birthday Princess.

Snakes and Swords Show, $250

This package is perfect for boys and tomboys alike!  Karma will be dressed like a cool Sinbad-like character and will perform an amazing 10-15 minute show with giant wings, swords, and even a snake!  Afterward, kids will get the chance to try out the swords (safely) and pet the snake for pictures and Q&A time.  This package lasts for around 30 minutes and is also available in "pirate" mode for pool parties.

Mermaid Pool Party, $300

Has your little one ever wanted to swim with a real life mermaid?  OF COURSE!  Now is their chance!  As the only real professional mermaid in Atlanta (and around), Karmelita offers a unique service to parents in the form of a swimming mermaid party.  This package lasts for one hour and includes:  open swim time, Q&A, mermaid swimming lesson, pool games, and dance/song time.  Additional hours are $150 and include more fun to be had.  When it's time to get out of the pool, the kids must be whisked away so Karma can transform.  Karma will be accompanied by her Pirate friend to assist her.