Karma Karmelita

Professional Belly Dancer, Fire Eater, Mermaid

Tips on Tipping?


Tipping the dancer is a fun and traditional part of any belly dance show! Different dancers accept tips in different ways. Curious on how to tip your dancer for the upcoming show? Here are a few suggestions:


  • Observe the dancer. Is she holding a tip basket/jar or does she have money tucked into her arm band or the side of her belt? That is a good indication on how she likes to receive tips.

  • Hold up your dollar and...well...ask! When the dancer approaches to accept your generosity, she will often indicate how to give it to her.

  • Let your children tip the dancer!

  • Provide a money shower--these are fun for everyone and make for amazing pictures!

  • Wave your dollar in the air at crowded shows where it might be hard for the dancer to see you.


  • Put the dollar in your mouth...ew! (or rather, don't put it in any part of you except for your hand!)

  • Try to touch or say anything inappropriate.

  • Harass the dancer after tipping. Your tip was an offer of generosity, not a payment for services.

  • Try to place your tip in an area that the dancer does not want it. Bra cups are a no-no!

  • Place it on the edge of your table. While this is not offensive, a dancer will still not be able to see it and if she does, will assume it's for the wait-staff!


When it comes to tipping the entertainment, just think before you act! Don't be creepy, do be classy. Easy peasy!