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Birthday Party Ideas in Atlanta!

Planning a birthday party for your loved one?  Just imagine the look of surprise and delight on their face when out of the hallway bursts forth a colorful, whirling belly dancer!  Karmelita's birthday party performances are tasteful, authentic, and downright FUN.  Booking a real professional belly dancer in Atlanta will be a sure-fire way to leave your Birthday Boy or Girl with memories to last a life time.  Take a look at some of the birthday ideas below!


Birthday BellyGram, $125

This is a short performance that lasts 7-10 minutes and is the perfect choice for small, informal surprise gatherings in offices, hospitals, assistant living facilities, schools, and more.  The Guest of Honor will be able to get up for some wiggle time and pictures!

Birthday Belly Dance Show! $200

One of the most popular packages Karma offers, this show lasts for approximately 20 minutes and includes a beautiful veil dance, drum solo, and birthday dance with the Guest of Honor!

Birthday Show and Lesson, $250

A 15 minute performance is swiftly followed by a 30 minute impromptu belly dance lesson for you and your friends!  This is a great option for all girls' birthday parties and family gatherings!

 Party Starter, $300

This package is best suited for crazy dance parties where a "sit down" show would not be ideal.  Rather than doing an actual performance, Karma will strap on her finger cymbals and hit the dance floor with your guests and dance to what your DJ is playing.  This package is geared primarily for Indian, Persian, Turkish, Greek, Egyptian, and other Middle Eastern clientele who just wanna dance!  Price is for one hour, each hour after that is $150 for a max of 4 hours.



"Make Mine a Double!" - Want more bang for your buck?  Add an additional 20 minute 

show to any package for an added fee of $150.  Includes new music, costuming, and props for added effect!  


"Can you add fire?" - Of course!  It's sort of my specialty.  Fire dances can be added to any package for a total starting price of $350.  Available fire acts:  Fire-eating, fans, hip belt, cane, sword.  Trust me, it's worth it!  Click here for more info on Fire Shows!


"...What about snakes?" - Mordecai is my partner in crime and can be added to any package for $50.  Click here for 

more info on Snake Shows! 



Looking to hire a mermaid in Atlanta?  Look no further!  Click on this link to take you to the mermaid booking page!



Got questions?  Karma has answers.  Check out the FAQ page for more information!


If you want to brainstorm on creating your one-of-a-kind show, send us

an e-mail at info@karmakarmelita.com or give us a call at 850-758-6783 to discuss your perfect party ideas!