Karma Karmelita

Professional Belly Dancer, Fire Eater, Mermaid

Belly Dance Entertainment for Bridal Showers in Atlanta

Interested in some unique bridal shower ideas in Atlanta? Look no further!  Below are some of Karma's most popular bachelorette party packages to guarantee that you and your friends will have a spectacular time!

Bride's Belly Dance Show, $200

One of the most popular packages Karma offers, this show lasts for approximately 20 minutes and includes a beautiful veil dance, drum solo, and fun interactive dance with the gorgeous Bride to Be!


Bachelorette Party Show and Lesson, $250


A 15 minute performance is swiftly followed by a 30 minute impromptu lesson for you and your friends to learn some fun belly dance moves.  Jingly hip scarves will be provided and available for purchase.


Wedding Reception Choreography, $350


Amp up your wedding reception and bring something really special to the dance floor with a belly dance choreography that you can perform with your brides maids!  Karma will write a unique, one of a kind, choreography and teach it to you and your friends.  The steps will be basic enough to be executed by beginners--yet laced together to create a gorgeous group performance--including a special solo for the Bride!  The lesson will take no longer than 2 hours.  


Ladies Night In, $100

Belly dance with your girlfriends in this fun 45 minute package! Karma will bring hip scarves and veils for you and your friends to play with (that will be available for purchase) while you learn some basic moves to fun music. Comes with a complimentary bottle of wine!


Karma happens to have friends in high places.  If you are looking for an amazing photographer or even a henna artist, Karma can offer reliable and professional suggestions!