Karma Karmelita

Professional Belly Dancer, Fire Eater, Mermaid

Atlanta Wedding Entertainment

Wedding performances are not to be trifled with.  If you want your Atlanta wedding reception entertainment to go off without a hitch it is imperative that you book a top notch professional.  That's where Karma comes in.  What makes her the right choice for your wedding?  

- Professional, high end costuming that is custom tailored to ft (no wardrobe malfunctions here!)

- Years of intense study with masters of dance in the US and Istanbul, Turkey

- Karma has a degree in Hospitality, Tourism, and Entertainment Management...she went to school for this stuff!

- Her level of entertainment is unmatched, making her one of the most sought after belly dance entertainers in the region

Don't skimp out on your Atlanta wedding entertainment!  Is saving a few bucks really worth the headache of an unprofessional dancer who shows up late?  Or not at ALL?  Karmelita's wedding prices are higher than most in the area, and for good reason.  Extra time is set aside to make sure everything goes according to plan despite traffic, late wedding guests, weather, etc.  Extra care is taken to make sure you NEVER have to stress about your special day.  THAT is a guarantee.

"Make entertainmet a priority, NOT an option" -- Carrara Nour, Orlando Belly Dancer

Take a look at the wedding entertainment ideas in Atlanta below and start booking your best option for belly dance today!

Deluxe Wedding Show, $350

This full 25 minute show consists of multiple props, show-stopping drum solos, and audience interactive dances to put the spotlight on the bride and groom.  Afterward, Karma will continue dancing with wedding guests as the DJ plays the party music!  This is a great time for photos as well.  The full package lasts for 1 hour.  

Deluxe Fire Wedding Show, $600

This is an extended show with two dances added to it.  Choose any two from the following:  fire eating (most popular), cane, sword, fans, palm torches, hip belt.  Small fire props can be performed indoors, but the larger ones must be outside or in a large indoor facility with proper ventilation.  After the show is done, Karma will dance with guests and help get the party started!  This is the ultimate wedding performance.

Bridal Party Choreography, $350

Amp up your wedding reception and bring something really special to the dance floor with a belly dance choreography that you can perform with your brides maids!  Karma will write a unique, one of a kind, choreography and teach it to you and your friends.  The steps will be basic enough to be executed by beginners--yet laced together to create a gorgeous group performance--including a special solo for the Bride!  The lesson will take no longer than 2 hours.  *This package does not include Karma's performance appearance at your wedding, only the unique choreography and instruction.  You can choose to add this on to any of the above and have Karma perform with you*